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New Life Tabernacle of Chattanooga
The Keys to a New Life
Prayer Requests
October, 2018
Prayer Requests
Prayer requests Oct 28 to nov 04
10/31/2018 6:35:19 PM



October 28th thru November 4th 2018


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“The Keys to a New Life!"




Our Congregation’s Prayer Needs This Week:

       Pray for Patty and Bella

       Pray for healing in Melanie's back and as she is with child.

       Pray for the Johnson's in Lebanon

       Pray for the Hoover family Bro Blake  and Ryan Shrader who were both involved in an auto accident

       Pray for Marquetta (?) and her 4 children who came by for hotdogs

       Pray for all the people who were ministered to by our hotdog Handouts

       Pray for our Tuesday night guests

       Pray for Sister Howe's health

       Pray for the sister of Bro Mayweather's wife who is the hospital

       Pray for our relationship with Plumwood church to grow

       Pray for restoration and the Holy Ghost for those who seek newness

       Pray for the unspoken requests as Good knows the heart

       Pray for eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart to understand and the Holy Spirit to guide each and every one of this week.


New Life Publishing 2018




“That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works”

-Psalm 26:7



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